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Hackers Should Use Octopress

Blogging. Yes, that’s what started what some call the Internet’s second coming. Hackers. Yes, those unreasonable men and women fuel the innovation that happens out there, in the wild, open and level field.

If that is true and if you are a hacker, you should give Octopress a try. Period. It preserves the basic premise of its predecessor, Jekyll, in that it preserves all your posts as simple files on your disk. No mess-up with the database. And then it adds icing on the cake. Actually, calling Octopress icing on Jekyll cake is an injustice to the former, because it simply makes the latter so much better that the honors should be shared.

I said hackers should use Octopress because some setup is involved, but setup/hacking is what hackers adore. For days, I was looking for something like Octopress and when I finally discovered it, I was more than happy. The posts now look so beautiful and that puts a pressure on me to produce comparable content. I have not received any formal training on writing nonfiction, but I have read the inimitable William Zinsser and a few others.

Going forward, I will try to keep my posts brief (which is an art that we should all learn from Seth Godin, mostly technical (but revolving around my observations of this amazing world) and of course focused on JyMob (which is my latest serious project).