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In Praise of FreeRice

When I told my son that there are 66 million children who go to school hungry every day, he was nervous. It is possible that providing such facts is not necessarily good parenting, but I just felt like doing that, without expecting any returns from it. Not that he is not eating well or craves junk food, but I felt that it may help him keep things in perspective.

Hunger is a delicate subject and something that has lasting impact on me. Hungry children is a sad reality.

But Free Rice is a great initiative and I can’t praise it enough. It has such a nice model:

  • Visit the site.
  • Choose your language of interest (I guess more are on the way).
  • Start improving your vocabulary by playing the word game(s). For each correct guess (for the meaning of a given word) they donate 10 grains of rice through WFP.

This is such a win-win strategy! Even if you forget the cause and play for improving your word power, you are going to do something good to others as a side-effect, a positive side-effect. I really like the simplicity of this model and hope that it thrives. I am hooked on to their site and hope you all do the same. Come on, give it a try!

I must say that I am in no way related to the website (other than being a user and player) and I do understand that there has to be a business model behind this kind of philanthropy, but hey, it’s okay to be ignorant in certain cases, especially if it is done for pure bliss.