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After making it a goal of life for a few weeks, we have finally been able to release JyMob. It is available here. Try it out and let us know by sending feedback.

For any software engineer, the following should be true:

The goal of any development should be to put the thing being developed in production (ASAP).

You would be surprised to know that the bug that was preventing me from releasing this was that in Action Mailer. If you are seeing this rather cryptic message in the sender’s inbox when using exim as your sendmail replacement (as MTA):

A message that you sent using the -t command line option contained no addresses that were not also on the command line, and were therefore suppressed. This left no recipient addresses, and so no delivery could be attempted.

A workaround consists of the following:

  1. In exim’s configuration (typically, /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/some_cfg) add extract_addresses_remove_arguments = false
  2. In Action Mailer’s configuration, set:
 config.action_mailer.sendmail_settings = {
  :arguments => "-i"

Hope Google indexes this article soon. Read more about this at GitHub page. (Thanks to petemc on exim’s IRC channel).

Hoping to hear some feedback from you guys!