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Some Ruby Fun

Building a startup is hard like so many well-written articles and personal experiences will tell you. But you don’t have to give up what you love (in addition to doing your startup) while doing it. Agreed, the best way to do many things is to do them one at a time: you can’t be building a startup, learning to cook Italian recipes, learning to improve your chess Elo rating from 1800s to 2100s, get really good at math or a new language all at once. Prioritize.

But doing little things you always wanted to do is welcome. It stimulates your way back into your startup struggle and reinvigorates you.

I like explaining things I think I have understood well to others. In that process, I learn a lot myself. Recently, I started dabbling with the Ruby programming language. I wrote some introductory text about understanding Ruby’s classes and objects. It has received a reasonably good feedback on the Ruby-talk mailing list.

Hope you enjoy some Ruby fun!