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The Power of JyMob Badge for HR People

In this slightly longer post, I try to explain the idea behind the JyMob Badge. We believe that this post is especially useful for those who work in the HR function of companies and want to innovate it for effective hiring. So, if you are an HR decision maker or a recruiter at a company, this post is for you. Even if you are not an “HR person”, but care deeply about effective hiring, this post will bring about the essence of JyMob’s approach.

What JyMob Badge Is

When you post a job at JyMob, you get to create a link for that job. Simply speaking, this is the JyMob Badge for that job. In technical terms, it is a simple HTML link which when placed on an HTML page looks like this:

When someone clicks on the badge, s/he is seamlessly led into the JyMob pre-hire assessment. That’s it. So, you just have to do the following:

  1. Post a Job in seconds.
  2. Get the JyMob Badge for it and place it on your job ad. It helps if all ads for your job pass through one page to keep your life simple. This way, all the applicants see the badge.

Easy, isn’t it?

Benefits of the Badge

This easy way of getting the badge brings you some enormous benefits. First of all, just ask yourself – Didn’t these words: “Show of Your Skills” challenge me? – I am sure they did. And that’s increasing the effectiveness of your job ad right there. It’s enticing enough so that active job seekers are challenged to prove that they are eligible for the job. If they realize that proving their relevance via an online test may bring them a chance to interview with you, they will click on the badge.

By designing the test with ease (because of JyMob’s techniques) and with great care at the same time (remember, it’s not “just the test for the sake of it”), you are guaranteed to attract the right talent – the talent that might be right for the job and, more importantly, the talent that is willing to take the crucial first step of helping you determine the relevance in a structured, scientific way. And frankly, this talent is being found by simply placing your ad on ad channels (which you anyway do) and placing the JyMob badge on those ads. Choosing the best among the active (and willing) candidates this way complements your (expensive) efforts of sourcing the passive and semi-active candidates. Statistics show that just because they are seeking for a job doesn’t mean that the active job seekers are not suitable.

Candidates get pissed off when the tests are poorly designed and the tools to take them have an awful user experience. We avoid both these pitfalls at JyMob. You are simply increasing your chances of getting sensible candidates without having to burden a typical recruiter with assessing the technical competence which is a task that should be left to subject matter experts. Agreed, these subject matter experts are not cost-effective, but that’s exactly what we have set out to do at JyMob – bring you a set of subject matter experts at affordable prices, so that your energy is expended in later stages.

What it Means to Your HR Efforts

In our experience in building JyMob as a company, we have come to understand that JyMob Badges are an interesting innovation that HR personnel can very easily accomplish. Hiring is hard and hiring the right talent is harder, no one knows this better than you folks, the loyal HR people! Yet, we find that there is a widely held perception that HR function is hardest to innovate. Perhaps that notion is true, but by being able to do small experiments, you can increase your effectiveness – in this case for instance, you can use JyMob to improve the hiring efforts in no time and without any significant overhead. You don’t have to change your practices – seamlessly involve your engineering/sales/support teams in your efforts to improve the throughput of good, relevant candidates which your hiring teams like to spend time interviewing. I believe this is one of the findings of a recent research done by Bersin Associates – HR people must improve their use of tools. Otherwise, I fear that effectiveness of recruiting done by HR people will continue to deteriorate and that significant function (recruiting) will be influenced more and more by people in other functions of your company.

It’s time for you, the HR people, to step up and do some experiments like JyMob. JyMob’s integration is seamless and lightweight. You don’t have to get caught in yearly contracts and get locked up in corporate-wide deployments before your are convinced of its effectiveness. Ironically, it’s this lack of chance to innovate that makes it hard for HR people to prove effective.

I have no doubt that JyMob will help in both short and long run – effective pre-hire assessment is critical. We just make it easy for you to do it online – remember, software is eating the world – you just have to choose the tools that are effective and are a pleasure to work with.