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Musings of the founder of a failed startup


Death makes us uncomfortable. We accept that like we have to. I am announcing that is a thing of the past. It’s a little late to do so and I kept paying linode to keep my website up, but now I have completely deleted everything without taking the backup. That’s how close it can get to death.

Calling JyMob a startup was never close to Paul Graham’s definiton of a startup. I couldn’t build a vibrant community around a solo experiment I started with Deepa Joshi a few years ago. There are many reasons of my failure, but I believe I am a wise man as a result of this failure. Yet again, I have proved to myself that a startup is harder than the hardest thing anyone dares to do. Creating a sticky product or ecosystem for more than a decade is extraordinarily hard and you’d be better off not doing it, unless, of course, you are able to do it. Any founder of a startup, big or small, is worthy of appreciation.

I have been happily employed elsewhere and will keep programming the kind of things I can (or cannot) program. is dead! Long live (and prosper) everything else. But yes, this blog may live more (at some point Medium may kill it, hopefully for the better).