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We use the word “job” to really mean career. Theo Schlossnagle has explained the difference succinctly.

JyMob is a small startup. This means, “highs are really high, and lows are really low”. In a way, working at a startup is the test of a person’s character because it tests you on several fronts. First of all, you need to have the right skill-set. Then, you need to have the right attitude. At a startup, you set out to change the way other sensible people spend (at least some) time of their day. You aim to achieve this in a relatively short amount of time. This has costs associated with it. If you are not up for such challenges that constantly question your very existence, startup is not for you. No, this does not mean you are not good, just that you are not fit for this job (and I mean this in no negative sense). So if you think you are up for a roller-coaster ride, then you should take a look at following openings. We eat our own dog-food (figuratively speaking) and that means you will experience what any other user of JyMob experiences while applying for a job.

Awesome Ruby on Rails Engineer

Job Summary

Engineering: Build critical components of JyMob.

Job Description

JyMob uses Ruby on Rails along with several other technologies. This particular role, which makes you a part of the JyMob’s founding team, gives you an opportunity to work on exciting things involving the following:

  • Build various key pieces of JyMob’s offering. The development requires expertise and curiosity to know HTTP, REST, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, CSS, Java, JRuby and SOA (service oriented architecture). And don’t worry, it does not mean you must be an expert at everything (you can’t be). What is required is a die-hard approach where you get things done while you learn various new things. There are many interesting features that we are thinking of, and you will be implementing several of them. Thus, on a typical day at JyMob, you would be finding out why you are seeing more-than-required number of database fetches on a user action and the next hour you are finding out why your XHR is not getting the correct (unobtrusive) JavaScript for the browser to execute.
  • Be pragmatic but deeply concerned about your code quality. This does not mean you wait for the best algorithm to arrive in your head or best data structure to represent your data model, but you keep thinking about it and go back and pay the technical debt should there be a need. A sound judgment is critical in such situations.
  • Understand the fundamentals of algorithms (e.g. be comfortable with finding an O(nlogn) algorithm for a situation where O(n^2 ) seems insufficient), libraries (e.g. a sound knowledge of the JDK is very desirable if you are familiar with Java) and relevant technologies and frameworks.
  • Be familiar with the Linux command line, devops (i.e. operations) which involves measuring performance, modifying DNS, setting up networks, analyzing traffic logs, writing Unix bash scripts and Unix filters, setting up MySQL in master-slave configuration, setting up Nginx/Apache in production and so on. You should be able to understand the spirit of cloud computing (without falling for the fluff and hype around it).
  • Be a quick problem solver, trouble shooter.
  • Be selling when you are not coding. This is how Twitter was built. At the time they were building this new generation protocol, everyone was either building something on their computer or talking to people about using their protocol. We are not developing a cult per se, but it is close to doing it :-).
  • Familiarity with payment systems is a plus.
  • Be a blogger.


We will discuss the details of this as time progresses. At JyMob, we believe in Dan Pink’s hypothesis about what really motivates people. Needless to say that joining this early at any startup means being one of the founders and owning a portion of the entire company!

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